The judge’s decision on Bergdahl has me enraged beyond comprehension

A very delusional US Army Colonel Jeffery Nance just made one of the most abhorrent judicial decisions in U.S. military history. This person — hard for me to refer to him as a professional Army officer or a judge — decided that Army Sgt Bowe Bergdahl should receive a dishonorable discharge, but will serve no prison time.

Nance decided that Bergdahl had already served confinement with the enemy — albeit the same enemy that Bergdahl stated he trusted more than his own U.S. Army.

Let me explain something: a Soldier can get a dishonorable discharge for forging checks. Bergdahl pleaded guilty to the worst crimes a Soldier could commit…deserting his post in a combat zone and endangering fellow Soldiers.

And for this Colonel Nance to decry that Bergdahl has already suffered and received punishment, that he is suffering from some psychiatric disorder — that has nothing to do with his admitted crime. It’s a crime that under the Uniform Code of Military Justice is punishable by death, the least being life imprisonment.

What the heck is happening in the U.S. Army? So now we have two traitors with a mental condition who were guilty of the most heinous of crimes in uniform walking free? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!

What message does this send to our brave men and women who face the enemy…like an incarcerated Army 1LT Clint Lorance?

I am saying this directly to President Trump, put your freaking Twitter toy down and pardon Clint Lorance NOW! We are sick and tired of this and you can do something about it. There are men who lost their lives because of Bowe Bergdahl. As well, Colonel Jeffery Nance should be removed from serving on the Army bench.

What a disrespectful slap in the face to the families who lost their loved ones searching for this traitor, this coward. And to think, we released five senior Taliban commanders for this…and now this coward walks free? And spare me the pity party that his life is ruined with a dishonorable discharge; there are men who are dead. Where are the statements from the secretary of the Army or the chief of staff of the Army, surely they cannot agree and support this decision? Where is their outrage?

This is disgusting, appalling, and disconcerting. It truly reflects the damage Barack Obama did to our military is deep. And if we do not see any changes, then we will come to a realization that the current administration is complicit. Release Clint Lorance NOW, and perhaps we will find some solace in this utter travesty of so-called military justice. And just as a reminder, I know a little bit about how the Army system of “justice” works. Damn, it seems that abandoning your duty post, divulging classified information, or just abandoning Americans is more praised behavior today.

This is without a doubt the FUBAR award winner for 2017. Bowe Bergdahl, an admitted deserter walks free — let me remind y’all, Islamic jihadists don’t hold American troops for five years — and Bergdahl looked pretty healthy when he was released, and I never read of any signs of physical abuse. So what in the hell did Colonel Nance base his insidious decision upon? Seems to be Bergdahl had a five-year break, not a brutal imprisonment. Then after all, those were the consequences of his desertion…the consequences of his endangering other Soldiers is also very evident.

I am truly incensed beyond comprehension. I want Clint Lorance released from Ft. Leavenworth prison NOW and Colonel Jeffery Nance removed from the bench and charged with dereliction of duty. The last thing we damn need is judicial activism perverting and destroying our military justice system.

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