Trump Triggers Rachel Maddow Into Complete Meltdown — It’s One For The Ages

It’s no secret that Rachel Maddow is die-hard anti-Trump. Indeed, she’s made her show a haven for members of ‘The Resistance’ to flee to, to find solace in her rhetoric.

She’s baited them with conspiracy theories and fake information like the infamous tax return release, which drew a great audience for a big let down and actually proved that yes, President Donald Trump did pay taxes, contrary to the effort by Democrats to allege otherwise.

In a show a couple of weeks ago, Maddow pushed a false narrative about the ambush in Niger by Islamic militants that recently resulted in the death of four Green Berets. She claimed that Trump adding Chad to the travel ban resulted in the deaths. Even the liberal Huffington Post called her out on it and she was quickly debunked by experts who explained that one had nothing to do with the other, despite her conspiracy pushing.

From Huffington Post:

Andrew Lebovich, a PhD candidate in African History at Columbia University and a visiting fellow with the European Council on Foreign Relations, called out the segment on Twitter, arguing, “these things are not linked, they have to do with areas on literal opposite ends of the country.”

And more:

Maddow’s theory on the ambush drew sharp criticism from experts familiar with the region, including assistant professor Laura Seay of Colby College’s Department of Government, who spoke to HuffPost’s Willa Frej after Maddow’s segment aired.

“No, that’s crazy,” Seay said of Maddow’s suggestion that Chadian troops were battling ISIS in Niger. “Everybody that I know is appalled by this. I would like to think that Maddow’s researchers are more responsible.”

After Maddow defended her Niger reporting on Friday, Seay tweeted at the MSNBC host to “sort out the facts.”

Maddow “told her audience that the Chadians were protecting civilians from ISIS,” Seay wrote. “They were not.”

Janet Malcolm of The New Yorker nailed Maddow’s show, calling it “a piece of sleight of hand presented as a cable news show. It is TV entertainment at its finest. It permits liberals to enjoy themselves during what may be the most thoroughly unenjoyable time of their political lives.”

After a year of her crazy theories, it seems appropriate for the anniversary of President Donald Trump’s election win this week to revisit Maddow’s historic meltdown after Trump won. Here’s an encapsulation of it with a little Batman thrown in for fun. Watch the smirk get wiped off her face.

She mocked Trump, counting on those polls that predicted that Hillary Clinton would win 98%. She claimed Trump couldn’t win the toss-up states but even if he won all the toss-ups, and ‘no one wins all the toss-ups,’ he would still lose.

And of course, Trump won the swing states and left liberals utterly in shock.

State by state – Wisconsin, North Carolina, Iowa, Pennsylvania – the states fell for Donald Trump, and left Maddow and other media completely in sorrow and shock.

As Batman says and she found out, elections are not won by polls, they’re won by votes

And then she delivered the classic rant.

“You’re awake, by the way. You’re not having a terrible terrible dream. No, you’re not dead and you haven’t gone to hell. This is your life now. This is our election now. This is us. This is our country. It’s real.”

Happy anniversary!

H/T The Federalist Papers

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama.]