20-year-old black Republicans set astounding record; completely ignored by mainstream media

We started the Guardian Fund PAC back in 2011 to focus on highlighting, encouraging, and supporting more military and minority conservatives to run for elected office at the federal and state levels. It has been a resounding success, and that’s because of a super team. I’ve never wanted anyone with the fire in their belly to be a public servant of the people to be dismayed or discouraged. I especially want to enable more young minority conservatives to step up and take more leadership roles. And that’s why this story just warms my heart to no end!

As reported by WTNH.com, “Ed Ford Jr. and Tyrell Brown have been best friends since middle school.  They each developed a passion for politics at a young age.  During their senior year in high school they served as president and vice president of student government. 

“I met him playing two hand touch football,” said Ford, referring to Brown. Now, they’re 20-year-old juniors in college, who possibly just made history following Tuesday’s election.  They are believed to be the youngest black Republicans to ever win political office in deep blue Connecticut.

Ford won a seat on the Middletown school board, the same district where he attended public schools.  “When the results came in I was absolutely euphoric,” he remarked. Brown was elected to the Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission.  “When I found out I won I said okay, time to get to work.” 

Both freely admit some of their friends and family question if they are ready for rough and tumble Connecticut politics. “If you have the will to do it, if you have the passion to do it, go do it now,” Ford said. They also routinely get the side eye for belonging to the GOP.

“I definitely love Christmas and Thanksgiving at my house because it always gets interesting,” Brown chuckled. Ford is a psychology major at Central Connecticut State University.  Brown is a business major at Southern Connecticut State University.”

I am deeply proud of these two young men and pray their courage, strength, wisdom, and discernment as they begin their life of public service. This is where it begins, the ground game of developing the next generation, future generations of young minority conservatives.

Here are two young men who should have the attention of this nation. Why? Because it’s too often we highlight the negative among young black men in America. Consider GQ naming Colin Kaepernick as their “Citizen of the Year” — sure would like to know how those chuckleheads define citizenship! But that’s similar to Rolling Stone magazine featuring the picture of the Boston terrorist on its cover.

You just have to ask, will there be a feature article, a cover shot, of Ed Ford Jr. and Tyrell Brown on Ebony or Jet magazine? Will their accomplishments one day be featured in the African-American history museum in Washington DC? Chances are not, because accomplishments and accolades are wrongly determined by the progressive socialist left when it comes to media exposure.

It’s easy to swim with the current. Sadly, the current of progressive socialism has run the black community into sewage run-off. And finally, perhaps, there will be a new generation that does not look to the message of victimization proliferated by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the charlatans of the NAACP, National Urban League, and the Congressional Black Caucus. If they’re paying attention, the American Conservative Union should have these two young men as featured speakers at the 2018 CPAC in Washington DC. And yes, they will be assailed by the liberal progressive media elites, but that only goes to evidence how much of a powerful threat these two young men pose to their destructive narrative.

We hear very little made mention of Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, the youngest female ever elected to the U.S. Congress. There’s little celebration of the first blacks to serve in the U.S. Congress, those nine very special Capitol men, who were Republicans. It was white liberal progressives who made it their cause to denigrate and demean Booker T. Washington, because he did not buy into the victim message. Hence the introduction of such disparaging references such as Uncle Tom, sellout, Oreo, and house n***er…all because there are those who wish to be free of the economic enslavement agenda put forth by the progressive socialist left for the black community.

I think it’s phenomenal that Messrs. Ford Jr. and Brown are serving at the local level of governance, especially school board and zoning. It’s imperative that we correct the ills of the failing union-run public school system in many of our urban centers. As well, we must have better zoning in these areas to reinvigorate urban economic growth, mainly small business entrepreneurship. I do so pray these two young men have those agenda points at the top of their list, school choice and economic empowerment.

I just want to express how so very proud I am of these two young men. Theirs is a story that must be told and shared throughout this land, and repeated elsewhere…let’s say in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, DC, Philadelphia. No longer is there a need for “spokesperson for the black community,” these fellas have shown that they can speak, and think for themselves — a very threatening character trait. Who knows, this could be the beginning of something great…state legislature and beyond. I pray God’s grace and blessings upon Ed Ford Jr. and Tyrell Brown — they are my “Citizens of the Year!”

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