New bombshell report directly links Obama and Islamic terror group

Isn’t it rather rich to have the former attorney general of the United States, Eric Holder, tweeting out a threat to the sitting President, Donald Trump? Mr. Holder tweeted out that if President Trump were to dismiss the special prosecutor Robert Mueller, it would represent a “red line” and that he would call for the #Resistance chuckleheads to take to the streets.

Well, first of all, someone should advise the former member of the Obama administration that the use of the reference “red line” isn’t wise. I could go down a litany of faux pas of one Barack Obama who infamously coined the “red line” threat…to no avail. However, what is interesting is that here is the former attorney general making a threat about an investigation that is about as political as they come. And it’s the same former attorney general who dismissed conducting an investigation into the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case in Philadelphia. It’s also the same Eric Holder who was NEVER investigated over his Operation Fast and Furious episode that resulted in the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

So, my question that I wish to pose to you, our astute readers, is what constitutes, or justifies having, an investigation to the progressive socialist left? 

I mean let’s be honest, Robert Mueller is “supposedly” conducting an investigation into Russian interference in our 2016 election and “alleged” collusion with Russia by President Donald Trump. Now, why didn’t have an investigation, special or otherwise, into the Obama administration’s interference into the Israeli election seeking to undermine the reelection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? And again, the Obama State Department, led by John Kerry, used American taxpayer funds to that end?

Or, as we have stated before, why didn’t anyone investigate into Barack Obama’s “flexibility” when it came to Russia…which was to happen after his own reelection? Hmm, seems ol’ Barry Soetoro was pretty confident about his 2012 reelection to have made that assertion, in an off-mic moment, to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Then of course we now know the IRS did indeed illegally target conservative groups, but President Obama said there wasn’t a “smidgen of evidence” to support that conclusion. Seems he was wrong, but again, where was the investigation into that incident?

It appears to me that in liberal progressive leftist ideology, investigations are only warranted when it serves their political agenda — such as losing an election. When there’s blatant and evident voter fraud, where they win the election, there’s never any investigation. And if you ever notice, it’s best to defeat the progressive socialist left of the Democrat Party outside the “margin of cheating.” How interesting that in Alabama, Judge Roy Moore was winning right up until the results from one county came in…Jefferson County, Birmingham. Lest I remind you, I kinda have experience with how Democrats count votes.

Who decides what is to be investigated in America? Because this recent revelation should certainly call for an immediate investigation.

As reported by the NY Post, “The Obama administration protected members of notorious terror group Hezbollah from prosecution to save the Iran nuclear deal, a new report claims. 

A team at the Drug Enforcement Administration had been working for almost a decade to bring down the Lebanon-based militant organization’s sophisticated $1 billion-a-year drug ring — which it found was smuggling cocaine into the US and laundering the profits by buying used cars stateside and shipping them to Africa for resale, Politico reports. But the departments of Justice and Treasury delayed and rejected prosecution and sanctions requests from the team that had exposed the Iran-backed criminal network because the Obama White House feared “rocking the boat” with Tehran ahead of the deal, the site reports. 

“This was a policy decision, it was a systematic decision,” David Asher, who helped found the program for the Defense Department, told Politico. “They serially ripped apart this entire effort that was very well supported and resourced, and it was done from the top down.” 

The taskforce, named Project Cassandra, worked for eight years out of a top-secret facility in Virginia with help from 30 American and foreign security agencies, unraveling the global crime syndicate that was funding Hezbollah’s Jihadi operations, the site reports. Among those the team sought to bring to justice were Abdallah Safieddine, the group’s envoy to Tehran and a shadowy operative nicknamed “Ghost,” who it considered one of the biggest cocaine smugglers in the world. 

“Hezbollah operates like the Gambino crime family on steroids, and [Safieddine] is its John Gotti,” ex-DEA agent Jack Kelly, who created the taskforce, told Politico. “Whatever Iran needs, Safieddine is in charge of getting it for them.” But the administration repeatedly stymied efforts to prosecute Safieddine — even though the team had eyewitnesses willing to testify that he’d overseen big weapons and drug deals — and ultimately shut Project Cassandra down once the nuclear deal was settled, Politico reports.”

Just as a reminder, Hezbollah is an Islamic terrorist organization based in Lebanon, led by Hasan Nasrallah. But what you need to know is that before al-Qaeda, the worst terrorist attack against the United States came in 1983 when some 242 Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers were killed in Beirut. The attack was planned by Iran, and executed by Hezbollah.

Now, ask yourself, why would a sitting United States president block an investigation into an Islamic terrorist organization that is also engaging in drug and gun smuggling? Furthermore, why is a U.S. president seeking a deal with the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world, Iran? Well, we all know the typical progressive socialist leftist response, “I don’t agree with your facts.”

You see, the left, enabled by their liberal progressive media accomplices, determines what is worthy of an investigation. For them, as with the case of Benghazi, there’s nothing to see here…no there, there. So what if Americans were abandoned to die in Libya – as four did? For the left in America, if it’s all about their agenda, anyone is expendable.

And we know it was the Deputy National Security Adviser, Ben Rhodes, who played around with the Benghazi intel reports –after all, young Mr. Rhodes had an advanced degree in creative writing. It was also the same Ben Rhodes who purposefully misled — ok, lied to — the press on the Iranian nuclear deal. And folks, he admitted to that…but where was the investigation?

I read the entire Politico report, and it’s solid, very well written, detailed, with many named sources…will there be an investigation? Of course not. As a matter of fact, you won’t hear this being discussed ad nauseam on any mainstream liberal progressive media outlet. You won’t hear late night liberal comedians, wannabe political pundits, such as Steven Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel talk about this. And yes, this is an example of REAL collusion, and with a vile enemy that makes no confusion about its intentions. This is Iran who during the Obama administration took two U.S. Navy Riverine Assault boats and held our Sailors under gun point on their knees — but the Obama administration, via John Kerry, thanked the Iranians for taking care of our Sailors.

Was there no disrespect or disgrace the Obama administration wasn’t willing to endure, no appeasement too low in order to have their “supposed” foreign policy success? Which we all know is an abject failure.

If these allegations are true, please, tell me, what part of this is not treason, or providing materiel support and comfort to the enemy? Then again, will we EVER know the validity of this report if there’s no investigation…and who decides if there is an investigation?

The left at this moment is focused on daring President Trump to do anything about Robert Mueller. Truth be told, Mueller is doing a real bang-up job undermining himself. But, who will make the decision to investigate Barack Obama and Eric Holder for their collusion with Iran and Hezbollah in order to further their own agenda? I have no faith in Congressional hearings because it all comes down to grandstanding, but no responsibility for actions. If we still do have a Department of Justice, then they’ll utilize the FBI to investigate this, and not listen to the leftist media’s rantings.

My closing question is this: what liberal progressive thinks this Politico report is nothing and should be dismissed? If so, then understand why you, the left, have no credibility outside your own echo chamber of ignorance and partisanship.

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