Someone really wants the Mueller investigation to just go away, but it’s not who you think

Merry Christmas everyone. Doggone I love saying that, and as you’re reading this, the West family is on the road. Yep, we’re heading out west to Phoenix, Arizona for Christmas, and the day before Christmas is the 28th wedding anniversary for Angela and me.

Why Phoenix? Well, this year, Angela and I were blessed to be nominated and selected to be Kansas State University Alumni Foundation Trustees. K-State plays UCLA in the Cactus Bowl on December 26th, so we’ll be there at Chase Field for the game.

As well, we’re gonna head up to Prescott, Arizona to spend Christmas with dear friends who moved from Ft. Lauderdale, Bill and KK Weiler. I’m looking forward to being back in Prescott — told ya folks there I’d be back. And I hear the Prescott Town square is a beautiful scene to see at Christmas; we’ll be there.

On the way back from Phoenix, we’re planning on stopping off at Tombstone, Arizona – by the way, the only western movie Angela has ever enjoyed. Then we’ll spend the night in Carlsbad, New Mexico and check out the Carlsbad Caverns. I’ve been there, as well as my daughter Aubrey, and it is an incredible sight to see.

We’re excited for this road trip and seeing friends in Prescott. The point is that Christmas isn’t about opening up gifts under a tree, but in receiving God’s special gift of His only begotten Son who enables us to have the gift of salvation and eternal life. That is a gift you can enjoy and receive anywhere, and this Christmas we plan on receiving that gift in Arizona.

However, before I sign off on this Saturday missive I do want to share with y’all a very interesting insight.

Have y’all noticed the unified theme among the progressive socialist left? Yep, President Trump better not fire Robert Mueller, it’s going to start a constitutional crisis. I cannot count how many times I’ve heard liberal progressive leftists say so over the past week. We pointed it out with Eric Holder threatening President Trump with a “red line” and massive protests…truly the mantra of the left. But, as with everything, I asked myself, why, all of a sudden, has this become a rallying cry from the left, to include their media accomplices? The answer is simple to comprehend.

The Mueller investigation is backfiring on the left and they are scrambling. Especially when the greatest revelation emanating from the Mueller special prosecution is that the investigators need investigating.

The spotlight is no longer focused on President Trump, but rather the very intricate web of corruption, deceit, and politicized justice within the Department of Justice, namely the FBI. The progressive socialist left has lost the initiative, the moral high ground, and they are apoplectic about it and shifting their objective.

Truthfully, the left wants the Mueller investigation to end, as it has become an embarrassing anchor about their neck. But, they don’t want to end it themselves in a mea culpa, but prefer to try and create a situation advantageous to themselves. And so the left wants to create a u-shaped ambush, and goad President Trump into it so they can shift the narrative from Russian collusion, which has not been substantiated, to one of President Trump creating a constitutional crisis — by firing Robert Mueller.

The left is now the victim of its own folly, demanding a special investigation. This has now uncovered the gross cronyism and protectionism that politicized senior levels of the FBI has produced. Now, I do find it rather perplexing that the left had nothing to say with all the constitutional violations of Barack Obama — an example being amending a law via executive order, and not by the legislative process, which is what happened with Obamacare. Now the left wants to claim foul by way of constitutional crisis for firing Robert Mueller? It’s obvious that with all these rantings about firing Mueller, this is what the left wants to have happen, and why this is exactly what should not happen. And they believe taunting President Trump will force him into doing so.

What the progressive socialist left fails to realize is that we all recognize this setup, as they’re straining too hard to force entry into their kill zone. Simply stated, if the devil is telling you to eat the apple, you should stick with grapes. The left wants President Trump to bite into their rotten apple and fall into their trap — no need. President Trump and all of us now realize we have the left right where we want them. We’re unraveling their deep state infiltration into the Department of Justice and the FBI. Sure, there will be an axe that falls, but the timing will not be of the choosing of the liberal progressive left.

So, the #resistance paid rabble rousers will just have to sit at home, and get their lump of coal for being oh-so-very bad. The liberal progressive media will continue down their path of fomenting “fake news” and promulgating lies and deceit as they won’t be getting the story they desire. And the elected members of the Democrat Party will just find themselves further frustrated, lacking any message for the American people.

What the GOP needs to do next is declassify the closed-door session testimony of Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe — that will put another torpedo broadside into the already listing leftist battleship. The Mueller investigation is collapsing, and they left knows it. They now want something else to rant about. 

But, what is the future we must prepare for? They’ve already stated we can expect Robert Mueller to continue his folly well into 2018…and we know why. This is a critical midterm election year, President Trump’s first. This is exactly the “insurance policy” of which Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe spoke of in “Andy’s office.”

The left believes it can undermine President Trump by way of this faux investigation, but sadly, they’re realizing the American people are seeing what this is all about. If we continue to have economic growth, defeat of militant Islamic jihadism, strengthening of our foreign policy, and securing of our borders as we reduce the infiltration of illegal immigration…the Democrats can forget midterm electoral success. Their only hope is to allow Mueller to hang around and drop some news around September-October 2018.

That is a losing strategy because the longer the Mueller investigation is around, the more we’ll learn about its corruption.

Regardless folks, have a great, Merry Christmas. Jesus Christ is indeed the reason for this season. And even with all these chuckleheads, we’re still blessed to live in the greatest nation in the world. Thanks y’all for another great year for, our fourth. We’re excited about going into 2018 and continuing to serve, educate, and inform you…the American people, the “old school patriots!”

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]