Sexual predators, felons, malpractice: meet the medical workers the VA has been illegally hiring for years

Well, Merry Christmas folks, and I pray y’all had an awesome one. We’re enjoying our time here in Arizona and this evening we will be at Chase Field for the Cactus Bowl between UCLA and our K-State Wildcats. Yesterday Christmas got off to a great start as we took in Christmas Mass at the St. Mary’s Basilica in downtown Phoenix. The church is run by the Franciscan Order and the service was phenomenal; a very great and appropriate homily given by the priest.

We headed up to Prescott to have Christmas dinner with friends and their family. Prescott is a very historic town here in Arizona; it was the first territorial capital. A place where Virgil Earp was once a lawman. Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders were organized here. And Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater announced his run for president. But most important are the fantastic Christmas lights about the courthouse square downtown.

With all this grandeur surrounding us, it was with great sorrow that I read this latest story, which I felt needed to be shared with y’all. At a time when we remembered the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whose ultimate sacrifice was for our personal salvation, spiritual freedom, and reconciliation to God…we must never forget those men and women who sacrifice daily for our earthly liberties and freedoms. These are the men and women who yesterday were away from their loved ones, and have missed Thanksgiving and Christmas in years past. These are those most blessed and revered Americans. We call them veterans.

However, the disturbing stories continue to come out of our Veterans Administration.

As reported by USA Today, “The Department of Veterans Affairs has allowed its hospitals across the country to hire health care providers with revoked medical licenses for at least 15 years in violation of federal law, a USA TODAY investigation found. 

The VA issued national guidelines in 2002 giving local hospitals discretion to hire clinicians after “prior consideration of all relevant facts surrounding” any revocations and as long as they still had a license in one state. But a federal law passed in 1999 bars the VA from employing any health care worker whose license has been yanked by any state. 

Hospital officials at the VA in Iowa City relied on the illegal guidance earlier this year to hire neurosurgeon John Henry Schneider, who had revealed in his application that he had numerous malpractice claims and settlements and Wyoming had revoked his license after a patient death. He still had a license in Montana. The VA moved to fire Schneider Nov. 29 after inquiries about his case from USA TODAY. He resigned instead

The VA said at the time that Iowa City hospital officials had received “incorrect guidance” green-lighting his hiring in April. The agency conceded this week that it was national policy. 

The USA TODAY investigation published earlier this month found that in addition to hiring Schneider, VA hospitals have knowingly hired other health care providers with past license discipline. In some cases, they have gone on to harm veterans. 

A VA hospital in Oklahoma hired a psychiatrist previously sanctioned for sexual misconduct who went on to sleep with a VA patient. The VA in Tomah, Wis., hired a psychiatrist previously disciplined for medication violations who went on to overprescribe narcotics to veterans. A Louisiana VA clinic hired a psychologist with felony convictions. The VA ended up firing him after determining he was a “direct threat to others” and the VA’s mission.”

How can it be that such a truly illegal practice has been allowed to permeate and do harm to those who have given so much to this nation? When will the day come that we can live knowing that there are no more skeletons to emanate from the closet of the Veterans Administration hospital? And to think, funny enough, just last week or so, former Vice President Joe Biden was on a liberal progressive news station and made the absurd assertion that there were no scandals in the Obama administration. That is an utterly dismissive and disgusting statement when one considers the terrible and horrific issues in the VA during the eight years of the Obama administration.

As well, I would recommend that President Trump perhaps not pat himself on the back too much when it comes to the veteran healthcare system. We still have a way to go, and legislation signed into law is meaningless unless there is enforcement, and criminal charges for wrongdoing. Someone needs to go to jail for this illegal guidance and practice that once again and continues to place the lives of our veterans in jeopardy.

Now, for all of you progressive socialists out there who believe, as Bernie Sanders, that government-run healthcare is a viable solution…you are delusional. And let’s be honest with ourselves, there is one very important reason why the Obama administration did nothing when it came to cleaning up the VA healthcare system — this represents the liberal progressive socialist dream for healthcare in America. Here once again is evidence that government-run healthcare is anathema to competence, effectiveness and efficiency…but it is in keeping with the finest levels of corruption, and deadly incompetence. And guess what, who can successfully sue the federal government for their faults, failures, shortcomings and incompetence?

If you break a law, you are doing something illegal. If you are doing something illegal it is criminal, and therefore should be prosecuted and someone need be held responsible and accountable. Sadly, what happens with those in government who act illegally? well, depending on their political leanings, they are shifted elsewhere, and allowed to retire, with a massive taxpayer-funded pension. Can anyone name a single person who was sentenced to prison in the VA scandal uncovered during the Obama administration?

Damn, why didn’t we have a special prosecutor and special investigation into this issue where American heroes lost their lives…some by their own hand? I can tell you why. It’s not that important to the progressive socialists of the Democrat Party, nor their liberal progressive henchmen in the leftist media. Maybe, this latest scandal is being brought to light because it is a Republican sitting in the White House. Doggone, this was happening for every one of the eight years of Barack Obama.

Yeah, Merry Christmas to our veterans. We now know the federal government cares so little for them that medical professionals with revoked licenses were hired and allowed to practice on them.

Is this truly how we honor those who were willing to give the last full measure of devotion to our nation? Who will earn a “get outta jail free card” on this one…?

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