Liberal governor lets slip real reason Dems opposed GOP tax plan, and it’s bad

The old folks down South had a saying when I was a boy: “a hit dog will holler.” For those of us who weren’t yet knowledgeable enough to understand their wisdom, they would explain. This saying means when you hit folks with truth they’ll scream in order to shift the attention. And so it is the case with the progressive socialist left, when they are hit with facts, truth, and resolve, they revert back to their base emotional response — illogical raving, ranting, and yes, hollering. This case was once again evidenced yesterday by governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.

As reported by CNN, “New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo charged Republicans Thursday with intentionally crafting their tax bill to target Democratic-leaning states to pay for tax cuts that benefit Republicans. 

“This tax provision hits the blue states by eliminating the state and local tax deductibility and uses that money to finance the tax cut in the red states,” Cuomo said on CNN’s “New Day.” 

Cuomo said the move to eliminate the state and local tax deduction “put a dagger in the heart of New York and California,” and that the Republicans leading Congress basically said, “Let’s pillage the blue to give to the red.” 

“You want to hurt New York? You want to hurt California? They’re the economic engines,” Cuomo said. The decision to eliminate that deduction led to pushback from many hailing from states with high incomes and high state taxes, like California and New York. Members of Congress hailing from those states voted against the bill, including several House Republicans. 

Outside of hitting those high-tax blue states, Cuomo said the tax law was sold to the public with a “bait and switch” campaign by packaging it as a boon to the middle class while being skewed in reality toward the highest earners and corporations. “They sold it as ‘we’re going to help the middle class,’ ” Cuomo said. “It wound up being a benefit for the rich and the rich corporations.”

Cuomo said in response to the law, they would “propose a restructuring of our tax code” and indicated his support for some kind of legal challenge.”

Gov. Cuomo went so far as to say that the Republicans were guilty of an “economic civil war” against blue states. Yep, this is what the old folks were talking about. Gov. Cuomo is a hit dog hollering really loud.

First of all, this nonsense about a legal challenge to restructuring the federal tax code is insidious — perhaps Cuomo should read the Constitution. As per the Constitution’s Article I, Section 7, Origination Clause, Congress, namely the House of Representatives, has the enumerated power on revenue generating measures. And in Article I, Section 8, the enumerated power to “lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises” is conveyed upon the Congress of the United States. So what is Cuomo hollering about?

Very simply, Cuomo, along with other blue state governors such as Jerry Brown in California, have been able to raise their state taxes to unconscionable levels due to a federal deduction called the state and local tax (SALT). Now, that deduction has been eliminated in the GOP tax law, as signed by President Trump.

And yes, I’m one of those fellas who wants the carried interest deduction eliminated as well…along with the death tax.

But I digress. The truth that’s hit Cuomo and Brown as well is that they’ll no longer have the cover of the SALT deduction enabling them to raise taxes in their respective states to pay for their inane ideological agenda items. Even the newly elected Democrat New Jersey governor has stated that they may need to reexamine their state tax policy.

This is what Gov. Cuomo doesn’t want to do — restrain his spending practices. He, like a good liberal progressive, just wants to raise taxes in order to pay for his leftist agenda. We previously shared with you a post on the highest tax states in America. We also shared with you the list of the richest counties in the United States and guess what? Many of those counties are located in those blue states with some of the highest levels of state taxation.

As a matter of fact, most of Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district is comprised of some very “rich” counties in California. Guess what? They’ll no longer be able to claim a deduction for the 13.3 percent level of taxation in California. Seems to me that’s making the “rich” pay more, so what is Cuomo hollering about?

Easy, Cuomo doesn’t want to see this lucrative tax base depart his state, just as we are seeing a true bloodletting of population escaping from these high tax blue states for better fiscally managed low tax red states.

But what’s even more perplexing is that these chuckleheads fleeing the fiscally failing high tax blue states move to places like Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina…and they bring their same liberal progressive leftist ideological beliefs with them. They run away from failure to success, and then they seek to turn success into failure…it’s happening here in Texas.

Think about it: this exportation of liberal progressivism out of the Northeast coastal areas and California is truly reversing the success seen in some states. Folks in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Washington state will tell you what their states were like before Californians moved in…just as the folks in New Hampshire are fuming about the invasion coming from the south in Massachusetts. So why, why does the left embrace this “locust effect” of seeking out and destroying fertile economic grounds wherever they go, as they fail to accept the responsibility and accountability of the failure of their tax and spend Keynesian economic policies?

We just endured eight years of Barack Obama’s nutty professor economics and now he, along with the liberal progressive left, are claiming the new found economic growth we are experiencing is due to Obama. Yep, that is proof positive of leftist delusion.

What we must realize is that the liberal progressive left’s concept of economic success is all about funding government expansion and providing more social welfare. It’s a recipe for failure. However, when that failure is pointed out, right on cue, the leftists are like the hit dog…they start to holler.

Governor Andrew Cuomo needs to shut his mouth and start figuring out how to better fiscally manage the state of New York, along with other blue state fiscal disasters such as Connecticut, Rhode Island, California, New Jersey, and Illinois. Now, if folks want to flee these failing states for greener pastures, fine, but leave your dumbfounded liberal progressive ideology. Stop with the exportation of the same foolishness into what were once well-run red states, like Colorado and Arizona. These leftists — perhaps we can temporarily call them leftist locusts — descend upon new states and settle into the urban centers and do as they always do, take over city councils and school boards, and then implement the same failing policies from the places they fled. Truly fitting Einstein’s definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.”

The liberal progressive leftist governors in these failing blue states just got hit, and hit hard; therefore they must holler. There is no economic civil war in America. There’s an ideological civil war!

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