Just two days into 2018, and we already have what could be the biggest story of the year

As we enter into 2018, there’s certainly one reason to be thankful we live in America…our First Amendment rights.

Here in America, we have freedom of speech and possess the right to petition our government for redress of our grievances. Sadly, during the Obama administration we had to endure a government that would unleash its power against Americans protesting its policies. However, the great thing we have in our Constitutional Republic is the ability to change that government by way of an electoral process.

It does appear some are still seeking to undermine that process, a rightfully elected new president and his administration. But these are not fundamentals that are part of our American Republic; they are anomalies which we must eradicate. There are places in the world where such practices, tyrannical oppression of people, are the standard, the norm, the regular modus operandi…and we are once again seeing it in Iran, an Islamic republic.

As reported by the BBC, “Iran has moved to restrict social media networks that have been used to organise four days of anti-establishment protests. The “temporary” restrictions on the apps Telegram and Instagram were imposed to “maintain tranquillity”, state news agency Irib reports. 

The protests have been the biggest show of dissent since huge rallies in 2009. President Hassan Rouhani has said Iranians have the right to protest, but not cause disorder. 

The protests began in the north-east as an outcry against economic hardship and rising prices, but turned political in many places, with slogans chanted against Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Mr Rouhani and Iran’s interventionist foreign policy in the region. In his first public comments since the demonstrations broke out, the Iranian president, speaking at a cabinet meeting, said that citizens were “completely free to make criticism and even protests”. But he added that the government would not tolerate any action that created “social disorder”, the Iranian Students News Agency reported. 

After violence flared in many places on Saturday, it is unclear how many demonstrations are occurring on Sunday. Small crowds have gathered in Tehran and police have used water cannon to disperse protesters at a major intersection – as captured in a video obtained by BBC Persian.”

This is the second time we’ve witnessed the people of Iran rise up against the tyrannical totalitarian rule of the Islamic Republic’s theocracy. This is something we would not tolerate in America, and we should not support.

Sadly, back in 2009, it was Barack Obama who sat and watched the same type uprising of the people, mainly young people under 30, and did nothing. The world watched the video of a young female Iranian protester being shot, bleeding to death. That was a symbolic reminder of why we have a Second Amendment right in America, guaranteeing our First Amendment rights.

And so it is again, that the Iranian people are rising up against the rule of the mullahs and clerics. They seek that which burns within the hearts of all people: a desire to live free. Perhaps they wish to return to the greatness of what was once Persia, before the dark cloud of Islamic jihadism overtook them. But, what is different about this uprising — not just that the 2009 Green Revolution was in protest of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stealing their election, with the consent and approval of the ayatollahs — This uprising is against the entire concept of the Islamic revolution. It’s not the contrived and manipulated movement of the Muslim Brotherhood once known as the “Arab Spring,” which the liberal progressive media had no problem covering. This is about casting off the shackles, the chains of the failed Islamist movement that started with Ayatollah Khomeini back during the Carter administration — another feckless weakling of a president. 

Yes, it was Jimmy Carter who allowed the resurgence of Islamism. And it was Barack Obama in his eight years who provided support to the same by his sympathetic policies…and disregard of the 2009 Iranian Green Movement. How interesting that today, the leftist media is basically conducting a blackout of these protests. It’s similar to how the same leftist media isn’t reporting on what’s happening in Venezuela. Hence why I assert that there’s an unholy alliance between progressive socialists and Islamo-fascists.

The other real difference this time, as opposed to 2009, is that there is an American president taking the side of the protesters in Iran. This will provide a level of encouragement not seen since Ronald Reagan gave his “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall” speech. America can once again be that beacon of liberty and freedom and perhaps, in this year, 2018, we will see the collapse of the theocratic rule of the ayatollahs in Iran. And if that be the case, it could signify the beginning collapse of Islamic jihadism, since we know Iran is its number one sponsor.

How different to now have a US president who won’t be sending billions of dollars to this terrorist regime. How different to know we could see this collapse, just as with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Needless to say, this would not be possible if we had a Hillary Clinton presidency.

The Trump administration needs to now leverage economic pressure against Iran. We also should identify the means by which we can support this uprising against the mullahs, just as the Trump administration has authorized lethal arms support to Ukraine. Remember that Obama sent socks and MREs to the Ukrainian military — how very encouraging that must have been. Now the Ukrainian Army will have state-of-the art, tank-killing missiles to thwart Russian aggression there.

We need to force the UN to put pressure on Iran, and we have just the right person in Ambassador Nikki Haley to do so. An incredible foreign policy opportunity has opened up for the Trump administration, and for the GOP in 2018. The collapse of the Islamic Republic of Iran is within reach, and that would be a far more notable foreign policy victory for President Trump…as opposed to Barack Obama’s Iranian nuclear agreement.

And if there was EVER a better time to end that foreign policy folly of the Obama administration, that time is now. I would truly like to see the Democrats argue against doing such; it would be political suicide, as it would show once again that the progressive socialist left sides with a theocratic terrorist regime against the Iranian people seeking liberty.

This could be the year we roll back the influence of Iran as a regional hegemonic power in the Middle East. That would mean shrinking their sphere of influence in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and reducing the support to Islamic terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and to Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah. It would collaterally mean eliminating Russia’s footprint in the Middle East as their expansion is enabled by Iran. The collapse of the Islamic Republic of Iran also means no missile and nuclear technology sharing with North Korea, meaning an undermining of Kim Jong Un’s objectives.

From a strategic perspective, the possibilities are immense, and bode so very well for global security and stability as we begin 2018. The critical aspect for President Trump is not to just be “tweeting” about this, but getting on the phone and start calling European leaders to articulate a strategy and advocate their support. This cannot be successful unless we can economically isolate and strangle the Islamic regime in Iran, and that means no European economic support and trade with Iran. President Trump should be meeting with Iranian opposition leadership and begin outlining what a transition government would entail, and what US and international support would be required.

If in this year, the Trump administration and the GOP, can show 4 to 5 percent GDP growth in America, and a collapse of the Iranian regime, tell me, what can the Democrats boast of in order to garner electoral support to place Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in charge of Capitol Hill? 

It would end the insidious rhetoric of impeach President Trump and the nonsensical Russian collusion investigation of Robert Mueller. This should be the number one strategic foreign policy focus of the Trump administration in 2018. It is a critical linchpin, and should be stressed during President Trump’s first State of the Union address in just a few weeks.

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