Brave woman speaks out about illegal immigration; gets terrifying response from police [VIDEO]

One of the issues to be tackled in Washington DC is illegal immigration. The left, the Democrat Party, wants to enact policies for those children brought here illegally, by parents who entered the United States illegally. In order to tug at our emotional heart strings they’ve dubiously named these children “dreamers.” It’s as if no one else in America, here legally, has dreams.

This issue isn’t just one we confront here in America, but is a global issue. The global progressive socialist left no longer respects sovereign borders and boundaries. They want a one-world system governed by a liberal progressive global body politic such as the United Nations and the European Union. They’re adamant and very open about their open borders beliefs, which go to undermine established nations. Here in America we have leftist liberal progressives declaring their cities and states as sanctuaries for illegal immigrants…all to the detriment of the safety and security of law-abiding, legal citizens.

We’ve all read about and seen the reports about the increases of violence and sexual assaults against women in Europe, due to the mass immigration of single, military-aged males. We’ve seen the increased violence, such as the fire-bombing of synagogues in Malmo and Götenberg, Sweden, as a result of this mass immigration. And we all know that the rise in Islamic jihadist attacks in Europe was enabled by the open border policy and mass immigration of Muslim males into the EU region.

But now, the same is happening elsewhere, namely Israel. I came across a video that depicts what’s happening in the State of Israel due to mass immigration of so called “refugees.” It would be one thing if these individuals were coming to these new lands seeking to assimilate…hardly the case.

Enter in a courageous young Israeli woman, May Golan, chairman of the organization, The Hebrew City, who has taken up this fight. It’s time we end these insidious policies of diversity visas, chain migration visas, and this suicidal perspective that anyone landing on the shores of a sovereign nation should demand rights!

Watch the terrifying conditions Israelis must now endure, and the anguish this woman is feeling in her own neighborhood.

We must reject the progressive socialist left desires to undermine our respective nations all at the expense of the safety of our citizens. And if there is to be a “war on women,” it’s being waged by these disrespectful immigrants who do not possess the same standards of decency, regard, and respect for the rule of law and individual rights that define Western civilization.

I applaud Ms. Golan, and hope she’ll get more support and attention, and that we awaken to learn the simple lesson…”when tolerance becomes a one-way street, it leads to cultural suicide.”

Please, take the seven minutes to watch this video, and realize, this is happening not just in Israel and in Europe, but also here in the United States. Folks who are illegal have no grounds to demand anything!

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