As net closes on Hillary’s mishandling of classified info, disturbing question arises about Trump

if there’s one thing I despise about politics today, it’s the very apparent double standard when it comes to the word “justice.” I remember when former Democrat North Carolina Senator and vice-presidential nominee, John Edwards, coining the phrase “two Americas.” He was trying to articulate a stratification based on economic achievement. But actually, the real “two Americas” comes down to those who abide by and are held accountable according to the law, and those who are above the law. And that stratification has everything to do with being politically powerful, and protected by the liberal progressive media. Such a disparate atmosphere has once again been revealed…but we had shared this with you quite some time ago.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, “President Trump tweeted Tuesday there’s a double standard in the government’s treatment of Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin, pointing to Kristian Saucier, a former Navy sailor jailed for taking six photos inside a submarine. 

Saucier, 31, was released from prison in September after receiving a one-year sentence for mishandling classified information. With a felony conviction, he now works up to 70 hours a week collecting garbage in Vermont. “Obviously with his tweet today he still recognizes my case, so hopefully he will do something about it. I think my family and I have been punished enough,” Saucier told the Washington Examiner. “I made an innocent mistake as a kid, it wasn’t planned like Hillary Clinton and them blatantly flouting the law.” 

The home where Saucier lives with his wife and two-year-old daughter is in foreclosure and credit card debt collectors call frequently. His cars were repossessed while he was in prison and the family has a payment plan for their electricity bill. Because he has an other-than-honorable discharge, Saucier doesn’t get veteran benefits, including disability payments for service-related injuries. He wears an ankle monitor until April. But most frustratingly to Saucier, a felony record makes finding a job difficult. “We’re struggling,” he said. “No one will hire me because I’m a felon … All the skills I worked so hard for in the military are useless.”

Trump invoked Saucier repeatedly during the presidential campaign and days after taking office told Fox News host Sean Hannity in January he was “looking at” a pardon because “it’s very unfair in light of what’s happened with other people.” But Trump didn’t give a pardon, leaving Saucier to serve his full sentence in prison.

Petty Officer Saucier served 11 years in the U.S. Navy aboard a nuclear submarine. He plead guilty to the accused offense, he never attempted to shirk responsibility and accepted being held accountable. We shared his story back as he was undergoing court proceedings to evidence the hypocrisy and double standard between his case and that of one Hillary Clinton…and Huma Abedin. Now, President Trump invokes Saucier in tweets, but what keeps Trump from doing the honorable thing and pardoning Saucier and restoring his record? Why is it that this young man has had his life completely ruined, yet folks like Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin go untouched – as a matter of fact, Clinton traipses about the globe on speaking engagements and writing books? Can President Trump be so calloused as to use this young man as a political prop and not take the simple act of pardoning him, which he did for Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

Why is it that we watched Barack Obama commute the sentence of a known traitor who committed the highly treasonous act of sharing over 700,000 pieces of classified information in a combat zone. Bradley Manning is free, and the liberal progressive left has made him some sort of idol all because he suffers from a mental condition called gender dysphoria. Manning was the cover “whatever” on Vanity Fair…certainly not working as a garbage man. Then there’s the deserter Bowe Bergdahl whose traitorous actions led to the deaths and wounding of several Soldiers. He is free, walking the streets, and I’m quite sure there’s a mega book deal coming. According to Susan Rice, Bergdahl served with honor and distinction. But one thing is for certain, he didn’t serve one freaking day in prison for committing the most heinous and despicable act any Soldier could in a combat zone: desertion. Bergdahl walks free because of some leftist military judge activism, who certainly had nothing to do with adhering to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

Yet, with these disgusting examples, we have Kristian Saucier whose life has been ruined. And we have a young man like Army 1LT Clint Lorance sitting in Ft. Leavenworth prison serving a 20-year sentence for facing and killing, the enemy. 

Is this what we call justice? Tell me, our dear progressive socialist comrades, what makes Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Bradley Manning, and Bowe Bergdahl so much better than Kristian Saucier and Clint Lorance? Why is there this “two America” system of justice? Is it that the ideological agenda of the left and their enablers have a “get out of jail free” card the rest of us cannot possess? Why is it that same-sex marriage can be the law of the land, yet the Second Amendment is not, and law-abiding, legal gun owners struggle to have their right? Why is it that Christians cannot believe in traditional marriage and find themselves being dragged before courts and fined, having their businesses ruined?

When did the left determine what is justice, and what is not? Civil War statues are racist, but an organization founded by a white supremacist and racist, Planned Parenthood, is just fine. Barack Obama was commander in chief of the U.S. Armed Forces and enacted personnel policies that went unchallenged…Donald Trump becomes commander in chief and seeks to reverse Obama’s social engineering, and meets civilian judicial activism. Is that what the left calls justice? Does it now mean everyone in line with your liberal progressive ideological agenda has equal protections under the law, while the “deplorables” are left to be prosecuted and persecuted?

President Trump, you are the commander in chief of our Armed Forces. Act like it. Reestablish your Constitutional enumerated powers as such and immediately pardon Kristian Saucier and Clint Lorance. Reestablish the rule of law in America and let the progressive socialist left know they’re not above the law, regardless of the lies and deceit spread by the liberal progressive media.

Mishandling of classified information is not about being careless, especially when someone goes to great lengths to set up their own private server that transmitted classified information. That shows intent and is gross negligence, regardless of what Peter Strzok says in altering documents. We, the American people are sick and tired of this double standard. We demand something to be done about it, Mr. President.

Mr. President, do not use Kristian Saucier as a Twitter prop for your own personal means. Pardon him, and pardon Clint Lorance…maybe this year he can be free, just like Bradley Manning and Bowe Bergdahl were this past Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. I am watching, and so are many others.

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