Am I the only one who notices something very wrong about this ASPCA ad?

This will be short and very to the point. I’m always on the lookout for those issues, stories, or occurrences that I believe deserve your attention. There are times when things happen which we dismiss; they’re innocuous and truly just go unnoticed. However, this commercial caught my attention and I shall ask a very simple question of y’all.

I was sitting in my home office doing some reading and Fox News was on in the background. All of a sudden, I heard the music and singing of “Silent Night”, it caught my attention…why was Christmas music being played on January 7th? I turned to see a commercial was all about saving animals from winter. It was sponsored by the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Now, I have no problem being all in with ASPCA and protecting pets and animals from unnecessary cruelty and mistreatment. But, the use of the music “Silent Night” seemed very over the top, if not just flat our inappropriate. Have we now degraded the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, to being on the same level as saving dogs and cats, or any other animal?

In some way, I could see a bit of a connection, after all, Jesus was born in a manger, surrounded by animals. Here was the King of kings being born in the lowly setting of a stable. We’ve all seen the other commercials advocating the saving of animals. As always, there is the heart jerking sad music, and the horrible pictures of little animals in the most deplorable conditions and situations. It just tugs at your heart, and then we’e asked to consider a donation of just $19 per month to support the work of ASPCA and save animals from these cruel situations.

But, can you imagine if there were commercials sponsored by an organization called ASPCUB (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Unborn Babies)? Yes, what if there were commercials that advocated for saving unborn babies from the torturous procedures they endure in order to kill them? Well, we know George Soros would probably have a fit, after all he’s funding an effort against the Constitutional Amendment in Ireland that does exactly that, protects the life of unborn babies. I could just hear the acolytes of white supremacist and racist Margaret Sanger going abjectly apoplectic over a commercial that advocated for the life of unborn babies. Heck, I would guarantee you that a court in California would demand that ASPCUB give equal time in their commercial to letting folks know there are other options, namely, killing the unborn baby.

Think about it, what would we say if a court ordered ASPCA to talk about alternatives to saving the lives of animals? Yes, we would be appalled, but when it comes to a human life, that of an unborn human baby, for some odd, very odd reason, we care more about animals.

And don’t tell me I’m crazy, and this is all so very far-fetched. How many of you remember the pro-life commercial that aired during the Super Bowl featuring Tim Tebow and his mom? C’mon, y’all recall how the unborn baby killing left went nuts about having a commercial that addressed a very loving issue, a mother who did not heed the advice of medical professionals to kill her son in the womb.

Instead, Mrs. Tebow had her son, and not only did he survive, he’s a fine physical specimen, a Heisman Trophy winner, and wears an SEC and college football national championship ring. He’s the same son the liberal progressive left pilloried for taking a knee to give thanks and honor to God, and his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So, I ask you, why did the left become so enraged about a commercial telling the story of life, of Tim Tebow? Yet, the very same left simply adores the commercials for saving animals? Why don’t we have more commercials on TV that address saving our unborn babies, children, from the cruelty of late term murder, ripping them apart in the womb…and the subsequent selling of their body parts?

Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick went to jail for cruelty to dogs. As we pointed out last week, Planned Parenthood has turned murdering unborn babies into a multi-million-dollar business, industry…fulfilling the dream of a racist. But, hey, I guess this is just how things are now in America — puppies and kittens are more important than our children. I’d love to see a national ad campaign for life, not for animals, but for our own babies. As it is now, it seems our focus, emphasis, and priorities are a little jacked up.

Why do I say so? We’re playing Silent Night for animals, while we force Christians into court to defend their faith beliefs. And we have organizations making millions, and folks being paid hundreds of thousands to kill unborn babies.


[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]