New York mayor announces big plans and it’s not going to make Oprah happy

Many of us of a certain age get excited when our favorite groups from back in the day announce their tour schedule. It allows us to remember those days gone past, and the great memories and music of our youth. It’s why we see groups like Cheap Trick, The Cars, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon out there hitting the circuit. As for me, well, I am still awaiting the Parliament/Bootsy Collins reunion along with the Brothers Johnson…Strawberry Letter 22!

Well someone just announced a tour across America and something tells me it ain’t gonna be a sellout.

As reported by the NY Post, “Now that Mayor de Blasio has four more years in City Hall, New Yorkers can expect to see even less of him in the Big Apple. De Blasio doubled down Sunday on plans to hop “all around” the country in support of progressive causes — arguing the best way for the left to succeed is to hammer away on issues of economic fairness.

He again swatted away speculation he harbors White House ambitions as well, but declined to say who should pick up the Democratic leadership mantle after his former boss Hillary Clinton’s devastating 2016 defeat.

“Democrats have to have the strongest most progressive message of economic change and fairness, so I think that’s even more important than a single leader emerging,” he said during a radio interview with John Catsimatidis broadcast Sunday. “I’m going to go all around the country helping to support the folks who will be part of that change and the folks who believe in that kind of vision for the party.”

De Blasio praised Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi for their recent efforts to that end, as well Sen. Bernie Sanders who swore him in last Monday. He did not mention Clinton, who attended de Blasio’s 2014 swearing-in with her husband President Bill Clinton, but skipped this year’s ceremony.”

As stated, where are the Brothers Johnson? This is what I call YGTBSM stupid. At at time when the economy of the United States is firing on all cylinders, doggone black unemployment at an all-time low…de Blasio wants to talk about economic fairness? Dang guy, take that foolish socialist philosophy and stay where you are.

Now, I must also ask, what in God’s name is affecting the minds of the folks in NYC? Yes, I know, it is completely run by Democrats, but a progressive socialist in charge of the financial center of America? That’s what we call oxymoronic, and the emphasis for those who reelected Bill de Blasio is indeed on “moron.”

What part does Bill de Blasio not understand? He’s not seen as a popular figure, certainly not some kingmaker, outside of the island of Manhattan…maybe not even there. After all, here’s the same Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York City, who went oversees to Germany to support violent left-wing protesters who’d been clashing with police officers. This he did missing out on the funeral of a female NYPD officer who’d been shot to death, and the graduation of new NYPD officers.

So what message is de Blasio the socialist gonna convey? We need more sanctuary cities? We need higher taxes and more dependency on government? We need less security at our borders? We need more decimation of our military? We need to embrace Islamic jihadism and end surveillance programs?

Yep, all winning messages and perspectives, huh? I don’t think de Blasio will be filling up concert halls and stadiums with this blather. And needless to say, the folks in NYC were part of a massive Pavlovian experiment in that they rewarded the most abhorrent behavior in an elected official. They reelected Bill de Blasio and they can expect that over the next four years, he’ll care even less about the operations and safety of the city than he already does. And I hate to tell ol’ Bill, but no sir, you ain’t what the Democrats are looking for when it comes to a presidential nominee. Sadly fella, you’re a white guy, and do not meet the primary liberal progressive leftist theme of “identity politics.” Your wife has a better chance of running for president than you.

This announcement by de Blasio just goes to show the dire straits in which the Democrats find themselves. They have nothing, no one, to offer as a principled American leader outside the buffoonery found in New York and California. And America doesn’t want to find itself following the lead of New York or California.

Mark my words, (and sorry Oprah, but) the left is going to run Senator Kamala Harris of California and Julian Castro from Texas as their ticket. It’s all about two things: far left progressivism, and identity politics. However, as The Who sing, “We won’t be fooled again.”

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